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E-mail message from Adam Green, Somerset County Archivist

[giving permission for publication of my privately made parish register transcripts.]

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Subj : Parish Register Transcripts

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Dear Mr Parkhouse


Thank you for your letter of 3 August. I am sorry to have been so slow in replying - there have been a number of novel issues to consider.

The Archive and Record Service will agree to the reproduction of transcribed records in machine-readable form free of charge provided:

(1) the transcripts are circulated without profit to the transcriber and with a proviso that any subsequent copying is allowed only if free of profit.

Anyone wishing to include a subsequent copy as part of a profit-making publication or distribution would have to apply to us for permission.

(2) a statement to this effect is included with the posting.

(3) a copy of the transcript is supplied (by internet or disk) to the Service.

(4) the transcriber agrees to the transcript being made available to users at the Record Office and to its re-use in Archive Service databases and distribution over the internet or by other means. The transcriber makes no claim for copyright against any such use by the Archive and Record Service.

If you feel that these terms are reasonable, please go ahead. If you have any queries or counter-proposals, please let me know.

Our policy is to encourage the distribution of information from the archives on a 'republic of letters' of basis for sharing between scholars and private users of historical and genealogical information for non-profit making purposes. In cases where the ownership of records remains in private hands we may have to be more restrictive in preserving owners' rights.

Yours sincerely

County Archivist

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