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Genealogy Books Relating to Somerset and Devon

Somerset Paupers: Unremembered Lives...

    Thelma Munckton's ten year study of the documents relating to the operation of the poor law which are held in the Somerset Record Office resulted in this book which discusses sample cases from the county of Somerset and prints extracts from the relevant documents (settlement examinations, removal orders, bastardy papers etc.).

The Monmouth Rebels 1685

    An index of the names of nearly 4000 rebels together with an index of places and an introduction explaining the background and aftermath of the uprising. Written by W. MacDonald Wigfield, M.A.. Published by the Somerset Record Society.

Exeter Militia List 1803

    Edited by W.G. Hoskins. This book contains the Exeter parish Constables' returns of men between the ages of 17 and 55 in 1803. It lists about 3000 Exeter men with occupations, and sometimes age and marital status.

Talking About Topsham - Sarah Vernon and friends

    Fascinating interviews with some of the older residents. Contributions from Daniel TROUT, Jim VOYSEY, Daisey DREW, Emily IRISH, George NEWMAN, Bill PYM, and Pincher PYM, who recollect the people they knew, including Mary HOWARD, mad Georgie BOLT, Princey PYLE, Charlie OAK, Shoobertibang EVANS, Dickie BURGESS, Bannin VOYSEY, Pumpey VOYSEY, Frank BASS, Tweetie WARE, Fred MILLS, Ranter PYM, Joe ROWE, Lizzie PYM, Billy BROOKES, Old Gypsy SMALL, Jim BOWERS, Jinny BULL, Jimmy CARNALL, Harry GOULD, Fiddle HURDLE, Bob IRISH, Bert HERD, Slinger OAK, Billy EMMETTS, and more.

Topsham Past and Present - Chips Barber

   Stories of the historical and unusual buildings of the ancient port of Topsham.

Shipbuilding on the EXE- The Memoranda Book of Daniel Bishop DAVY (1779-1874) of Topsham, Devon.

    This is a publication of the Devon and Cornwall Record Society, New Series Vol. 31 and is edited by Clive N. PONSFORD, who in his introduction explains that Daniel Bishop DAVY, the son of Robert DAVY, who had shipyards at Gulpit, Countess Wear and at Passage, Topsham, kept a detailed record, at times spasmodically, from 1817 to 1843 of his shipbuilding activities.

Around Topsham in Old Photographs - Countess Wear to Lympstone

    A collection of photographs assembled by the Topsham Museum Society.

The Raleigh Country

    A brief history of Exmouth, East Budleigh, Otterton, Bicton, Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, Topsham and Lympstone by Eric R. Delderfield.

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